The ENTRADE Group has become one of the leading providers of Biomass to Power Systems in the world, delivering everything from industrial power concepts to micro-power-generators.


Since 2006 the ENTRADE Group including agnion energy Inc. has invested over EUR 51 Mil. in the technical development of power systems as well as numerous patents and pilot systems. The overall goal has alway been a solution specifically designed for developing countries in Africa, Asia and the Americas.


Previous Power Projects include power systems in Pfaffenhofen, Grassau and Schmidtheim (Germany) as well as in Graz (Austria) and Auer (Italy). Because of the strong focus on Research & Delevopment the companies of the group have recieved about 28 government grants totaling almost EUR 5 Mil.


In 2014 alone the ENTRADE Group has received funding from the Austrian FFG, the German Ministry of Enonomics, the State of Saxony, the State of Northrhein Westfalia, the German Development Agency.




High-performance power plants
as container solutions. ENTRADE!

Turnkey plants can be commissioned easily within 48 hours.


ENTRADE develops and builds facilities that are always in keeping with the customer’s requirements. We developed the CHP 90 in order to provide a system that is quickly ready for operation. The turnkey container system can be put online in a very short time and features two shipping containers in which wood chips from residual wood are converted into new electricity and heat. Deployment of this system is recommended wherever there is biomass and electricity is being produced using diesel generators. In warmer regions, an additional module produced by project partner SorTech AG can be utilized to produce an additional effect: this system converts the waste heat produced by the engine into cooling.


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More efficient power plants. ENTRADE!

Biomass and waste offer an impressive bonus of as much as 10% greater efficiency.


ENTRADE Energiesysteme AG works with agnion energy and other subsidiaries to develop and build power plants that convert old biomass and waste into new electricity, heat and cooling around the world.


In Auer (Germany) our dual wood power facility with the agnion CHP 1400 combines two independently operating systems with a total electrical output of 850 kW and a total thermal output of 1,200 kW. By making use of residual forest wood generated locally, we are able to achieve an efficiency of approx. 35% on site with ENTRADE technology
– a result that is approx. 10% above that achieved by comparable competitor systems.



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